River Moy The Finest Salmon Fishery in Ireland

The River Moy is internationally famous for its excellent salmon fishing, and attracts anglers from all over the globe.

The East Mayo Anglers‘ Association is located only 10 minutes from Ireland West Airport Knock and offers over 9 miles of prime fishing water. Our fishery starts at Cloongullane Bridge flowing down river to Oldcastle, Meelick Swinford and continues until the right hand bank at Clongee Fishery, outside Foxford and the left hand bank at the drain with McHales.

Located 5 kilometres south of Foxford on the main Castlebar Road (N58). The road crosses the river at Ballylahan Bridge and parking is available at the bridge. This stretch of water incorporates some of the finest fly fishing runs and natural holding pools on the system and offers a variety of fishing to the angler, including fly, spinning and worming.

Convenient free parking is available at various locations along the river.

Daily and weekly permits can be purchased online, from the East Mayo Anglers Association office in Swinford.

However I would recommend getting a great guide to show you the best areas and best flies to catch the fish on. One of these guides is Mayo Angling guide Ken Hall. Ken provides the novice or experienced angler with a range of services coupled with years of angling experience, during their visit to the beautiful scenic rivers and lakes of Mayo.

As your group guide Ken will be catering for all your needs as regards flies; bait, tuition, boat (constructed by Burke Boat) and engine and Ghillie services if required.

He will also provide the transport to and from the fishing venue. You will need to bring a 10ft 7-9 fly rod for salmon and a 10ft 5-6 rod for trout with floating and sinking fly lines, also required will be a medium weight spinning rod and some lures.

However if you like to travel light, with some advance notice Ken can arrange rod and any equipment hire.

He will also arrange to obtain any licence/permits that may be required, for each day‘s fishing.

If required Ken will help to arrange your accommodation and will give you recommendations about the best places for dining and entertainment, shopping or whatever you wish to know.

With its spectacular back drop of Bartra Island and the water so clear, very much like the tropical bone flats as the Sea trout are bars of bright Silver and blend into their environment they can be taken on the fly bait or spinning, Mayo angling provides a fast safe 17ft Dory and all the tackle and bait you will need.

I must mention the pike fishing which is very good here in Co. Mayo, there are two lakes, Derryhick and Levally which hold big stocks of Pike and Perch, and fly fishing for them can be very exciting, for this you would need a stiff fly rod. Ken can supply you with the best flies to catch them on. Fishing from a boat is the best method.

The East Mayo section of the River Moy, Swinford Angler‘s Association. Water is a very extensive fishery of about 8 miles, permits are available on a daily or weekly basis at the modest charge, it offers some of the best fly water on all the River Moy, part of which is fly only, wading is necessary and can be difficult. The Moy Estuary has to be mentioned for fishing the hard fighting sea trout, mostly finnock (young seatrout) some up to 3lbs or better. Boats can be arranged to avail of this.

Loughs Conn and Cullen the main wild trout lakes in the area, with the beautiful Nephin Mountain as a backdrop. April, May and June in particular can be very good on Lough Conn and Cullen and both wet fly and dry fly can be used. Later in the season many fly are present, perch and roach imitations such as Alexandra, Cats Whiskers, Dunkeld, Baby Doll, in 8-12 sizes are suitable. Also at this time of the year sedges and emerging patterns work well. In general Lake Olives imitations, Buzzers and terrestrials such as Daddy Long Legs can be used at any time.

Lough Conn has a tremendous run of salmon and grilse, the best holding water is shallow and perfect for the wet fly, this makes for very exciting fishing as you never know what you are going to connect with, particularly at this time of the year. There are some excellent hill Loughs with good stocks of trout set in magnificent scenery. A number of tributaries of the Moy hold good stocks of brown trout and offer good support with dry or nymph.

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