Fishery Wars

As everyone now knows. Scotland in full lockdown again! It is now causing a lot of concern and upset within the fly fishing world especially between the various trout fisheries here in Scotland.

There is a number of fishery owners/managers causing upset by name calling and downing the various fisheries that are staying open during the lockdown.

As a keen and avid fly fisher myself, I appreciate that there is concerns regarding the speed and spread of the new variant strain of the virus. There is some absolutely crazy arseholes out there who don't give a monkeys about other people as long as they get what they want. Whether it is, 100's of bog rolls to wipe their arse with for the next 100 years or don't follow the governments guidelines regarding keeping themselves safe, as well as everyone else.

As a keen angler I am always keen to get out on the water for sanity reasons. I lost my wife of 40 years in July 2019 and went through a really tough time of it being on my own, even though I had a son and daughter and grand kids along with some really close friends. Then in March 2020 I ended up catching the bloody Covid-19 virus and went into self isolation as instructed. Then later on due to the virus, I had complications and ended up in hospital on oxygen for 4 days. To be honest it was that bad I even thought of ending it all myself a couple of times. However, with the help of my family, friends and fishing buddies I managed to pull through but not everyone has the comfort of family and friends to support them.

If it wasn't for being able to get out and about to various venues to cast a line or two and speak to my fishing buddies I think I would either be in a mental hospital or dead from an overdose. That's how important it is to me to be able to get out there on the water, and I believe it is the same for many more like me.

The government guidelines state that all outdoor non-contact sports, despite the various restrictions, such as golf and tennis (as well as fly fishing) are permitted for all age groups provided this is within a single household group, or the group contains no more than 2 people from 2 different households.

I accept that everyone has their own opinion and have freedom of speech, but I feel it is bloody ridiculous for the various fly fishery owners/managers to call other fishery owners etc. names and cause a lot of trouble due to them staying open, which by law they are entitled to do.

If the fishery managers and fly fishers stick by both the government guidelines and the fishery rules, then the fisheries keeping open are a benefit for everyone especially people like me that need to get out and about for sanity reasons and to keep the fisheries afloat and help to put food on the tables of their families through these trying times, as not every fishery will survive through another major lockdown if they are forced to close.

So support each other instead of back stabbing and name calling as you may not know the circumstances the other fishery owners are in, mentally or financially and most importantly as you know what goes around comes around and you may need their support one day.

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