The waters surrounding the Azores boast a veritable feast of fish and shark. Fish include the Atlantic Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Yellow fin, Big Eye Tuna, Swordfish, Blue Fish, Wahoo and Dorado, while shark species include Hammerheads, Six Gill and Mako. But the Blue Marlin hold a special place of honour--6 out of 10 fishing competition world records were set in the Azores, with the fishers in question catching impressively-sized Blue Marlin. The largest ever caught was 1,189 pounds!


Over the years, saltwater fly-fishing has been gaining in popularity in the Azores as it continues to catch on worldwide. The combination of mellow weather conditions in the summer and an abundant supply of good-sized White Marlin make the Azorean waters an ideal fly-fishing experience.


Portugal in the winter provides one species for the coastal fly angler: the European sea bass.


Fishing Permits A licence (licença) is needed to fish in Portugal. Children under the age of 14 are exempt if accompanied by a parent who holds a valid licence. 


Note: A paper permit is no longer available. If questioned by an authority about a license, give your name and nationality which will then be accessed via database. If the license was ordered by email, you will have proof of payment of the required recreational fishing license in pdf format.


A Sports Fishing Licence (Licença de Pesca Desportiva) is needed for sea fishing, and a Licence for Fishing in Inland Waters (Licença de Pesca Desportiva em Águas Interiores) is required for fishing in rivers and lakes. There are a number of different types of general licence: 


National Licence (Licença Nacional): allows the holder to fish all over the country where fishing is not restricted, including the offshore islands 

Regional Licence (Licença Regional): allows the holder to fish either in the north, south or centre of the country 

Local Licence (Licença de Conselho): allows fishing only in the rivers and lakes in a given local authority district Special licences are also available: 

Special Licence for Restricted Areas (Licença para Zona de Pesca Reservada): is required for fishing in protected or reserved zones at certain times of the year (a general licence is required in addition to this special licence) 

Special Licence (Licença Especial): for some visiting anglers without a Portuguese Residency Permit (Cartão de Residencia)


Getting a fishing licence


All fishing permits are issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministério da Agricultura, do Desenvolvimento Rural e das Pescas - MADRP); though inland fishing permits are managed by the National Forest Authority, which is a department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.


Fishing licences may only be purchased through a Multibanco machine, the Regional Association of Sports Fishing (Associação Regional Centro de Pesca Desportiva) if the person has a Citizen's Card (Cartão de Cidadão).


Freshwater Fishing Freshwater fishing areas include: 


River Tejo tributaries 

Ocreza River near Pracana 

Ponsul River near Marachal Carmona 

Nisa River near Povoa 

Sor River near Montargil 

Seda River near Maranchão 

River Sado tributaries 

Alcacovas River 

Alqueva Dam, two hours from Lisbon on one of the largest reservoirs in Europe 

Chaparro Lakes, 200 acres of water near Salazar 

Xarrama River, near Trigo de Morais 

Campilhas River, near Campilhas 

River Douro at Bemposta, Picote, Miranda do Douro, and the Douro's tributary river, the River Távora 

Zêzere River, the reservoirs at Castelo do Bode, Bouca, Cabril and Santa Luzia 

River Cavado at Peniche, Canicada, Salamonde, Venda Nova, Parudela and Alto do Rabagão

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