Bozeman Montana


Hyalite Canyon Road Bozeman, Montana 59730 Hyalite provides a range of fishing experiences from alpine lakes, rushing streams, and of course, the Reservoir.


Native species such as Yellowstone cutthroat trout and Arctic grayling along with introduced brook trout can be found in Hyalite Reservoir.


The alpine gems of Hyalite Lake, Emerald Lake, and Heather Lake hold cutthroat and grayling.


Blackmore Lake contains a sustaining population of introduced rainbow trout.


The general fishing season for streams in Hyalite is from the 3rd Saturday in May until November 30. However, to protect spawning cutthroat and grayling, the inlet stream to Hyalite Reservoir does not open until the 3rd Saturday in July.


Within the reservoir there is a daily limit of 5 for trout and grayling are catch-and-release only. Cutthroat trout are catch-and-release in all streams.


Hyalite Creek The road to Hyalite Reservoir follows this creek and there are plenty of pull outs.


A well-presented dry fly will fool these small, abundant rainbows. Try the Irresistible Adams, elk-hair caddis, and Royal Wulff.


To increase your odds, tie a small bead-head nymph about 18 inches off behind your dry fly.


Most any nymph will do, including the old standards: prince, hare’s ear, pheasant tail. For the chance at a slightly larger fish, head up above the reservoir.


Hyalite Reservoir is a wonderful Bozeman fishing spot that you should really try. This scenic 206-acre reservoir offers year-round fishing, and it has a good population of brook trout, yellow cutthroat and arctic graylings.


During spring and summer, when the temperature of the water is higher, most anglers do bait fishing, fly fishing or vertical jig fishing.


Ice will usually begin to form around late November, and the reservoir will be safe for ice fishing around Christmas time.


You're only allowed to fish a maximum of 5 trout a day and arctic graylings have to be released back into the water.


If you need directions to get to the Hyalite Reservoir, you can ask the staff at the Bozeman Inn.

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