Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands have long been known for excellent Sea Trout fishing and are in fact, recognized as one of the best wilderness fishing experiences in the world. There is also the chance to fish for the Falkland Mullet in many of our creeks and waterways. With many destinations available for fishing, San Carlos and Little Chartres are popular bases, but this part of the site is to provide a better understanding of what is available for game anglers on the islands and where. Heavy rods are very useful to get the fly a distance in windy conditions (10wt advantage). It is also useful to have a wide selection of salt-water hooks.

Chartres River


Located on West Falkland, the Chartres river is best known for its consistency, deep runs and pools. The river rises in the southwest foothills of the Hornby Mountains and flows westwards for around 25km (15 miles) to Christmas Harbour, running through grassland which provides easy bank access. Chest waders are useful on some parts of Chartres River. In places where wading is not possible it is an advantage to be able to cast the full 30m (30 yards) of the fly line.

Warrah River

Located in the northern part of West Falkland, the Warrah river is relatively short but wide with a reputation for size and quality of fish rather than quantity. The river rises in the foothills of Mount Robinson and Muffler Jack mountains running north-eastwards for about 32km (20 miles) to the sea. Green Hill Stream is the only large tributary and also has many good pools for fishing, joining the Warrah at Junction Pool. The Warrah itself is excellent for a few miles in each direction of Junction Pool.

Herbert Stream

Located on Crooked Inlet Farm at Roy Cove on West Falkland, Herbert Stream is a salt water stream with mullet, trout and smelt. The stream offers easy opportunities for visitors to the farm to fish within a few minutes drive or short walk from the settlement. Accommodation is available at Crooked Inlet Farm along with advice about fishing arrangements.

San Carlos River

Located in the northeast of East Falkland, the San Carlos river is a slow flowing river with some pools and good fishing at the estuary in the main season. The river rises between the Wickham Heights and White Mountain, flowing northwest, then northwards and finally westwards to Falkland Sound. Permission is needed to fish and advice about the best places is also useful. Ask accommodation providers or the Falkland Islands Tourist Board for further details.

There are some other great rivers to fish, for more information on these rivers contact the Falklands Tourist Board.

Getting to the Falklands (BY AIR)


The Falklands are easily accessed by two major flight routes. LATAM fly to the Falklands every Saturday morning, departing from Santiago and flying via the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas.


Once a month the flight also stops in Rio Gallegos, Argentina. LATAM is a Oneworld partner and connects with international carriers in Europe, North America, Australasia, and Africa. Approximate flight time from Santiago to the Falklands is 6 hours (including the Punta Arenas stop-over). For the latest information on LATAM fares, see the Travel Guide section, Getting Here on www.falklandislands.com


Alternatively, you can book the midweek flight with LATAM which operates a flight every Wednesday from São Paulo (GRU) returning the same day. Once a month the flight stops in Cordoba, Argentina (COR).


Direct flights are also available from the United Kingdom on an MoD operated air service, departing from Brize Norton, Oxfordshire (UK). Total flight time is 18 hours, including a refueling stop on Cape Verde. For the latest information on MoD fares, see the Travel Guide section, Getting Here on www.falklandislands.com

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